Registered Trademarks: Aku Strike REG #4299174

Trademarks: words

Weo, Road Trip, Zion, Bad Penny, Mimic, Mimic T-16, LED training blades, LED training knives, LED blades, Sensor blade, Knife Tagg, Knife Tag, GUS

Trademark: (A TONE(s)) emitted from a handheld simulated knife device alerting contact, IDENTIFIES the registered brand Aku Strike. REG #4299174

Trademark: (A VISUAL) que), ie light emitted from a handheld contact device alerting contact identifies the registered brand Aku Strike. REG #4299174

Trademark: Contact Confirmed, Confirmation of Contact, Just like that, Beeper knife, GUS, Your new Training Partner GUS, (KAT) kinetic articulate trainer

Trainer Pat:#7833130, Pat #9162129, D705035,

Patent:#Weo,D756193  Zion, D756192

TradeMark: word; FASTIK identifies product by Aku Strike,

Trademark: shapes unique to Aku Strike identify Aku Strike products.  FASTIK design and shape mounted on and/or off a stick.

Road trip, Bad Penny design identifies a product unique to Aku Strike knives LLC.

Trademark: Kali Stick klip

Trademark: “EO”- Sheath

Trademark: Mimic T-16 sheath

Trademark: Spring Bar, a component incorperated in a or some Aku Strike finished products

Trademark: Spring Bar training knife, (knives), our trademark component Spring Bar is incorperated into Spring Bar training Knives

Trademark: SOFT STRIKE, for our training knives with padded striking surface, soft strike incorperates our trademark Spring Bar component

Trademark: The combination bulbous tip and narrow edge are a trademark of Aku Strike

Trademark: FlipYo, also shape of the FlipYo identifies the source, Aku Strike.

Trademark: TriSpar.