Spring Bar trainers are here!

Q: What is a Spring Bar training knife
A: The blade is controlled by a  steel spring bar. When pressure is applied to the edge or tip, the blade responds by moving to absorb the force, providing realistic feel as well as other benefits.
  • Blade moves to absorb impact providing safe training
  • Provides real feel cuts
  • Teaches blade pressure
  • Unique click sound to hear quick hits
  • Realistic size and style of knives. Not all knife blade sizes work the same. They really feel different in cutting, accuracy, and technique.
  • Great for bad work, the forgiving blade saves destroying your bag.
  • Great article here from Michael Janich, founder Martial Blade Concepts (MBC) written for Knife and Gear society

Tuhon Ray Dionaldo, Founder of FCS Kali and Jason Forstner Jumped in to showcase some of Aku Strikes new Spring Bar line of trainers.